what's Happening in Seattle Mon.3/4/2013

Some buds and I will be in town with some time on our hands…any thoughts on what to do/see this time of year?


just I thought, not much. :laughing: I’ll be on the streets in the a.m. and dig up something.


Someone notify the local police … :laughing:

Thanks BriHar, now I know why we got the eye from the local Phuzz.

Well Seattle is a great town. Had breakfast, walked a mile to the Space Needle, took the Monorail downtown, drank a StarBucks in there home town, went to the water front and cruised the shops, took a ferry across the Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island had a bite to eat, back to Seattle, swung into a Pawn Shop to check out the guitars-my buddy checked out the pistols, kind of a ‘Guns and Roses’ moment, then off to Hard Rock Cafe for a brew, dinner at the Crab Pot. Weather was 50 degrees and the sun was shinning, everyone was outside and happy, buskers everywhere. Great day! :smiley:

note: the reason I posted this thread is there used to be some Seattle folks on this forum.

Sounds like a good time to me, made it there once upon a time, pre-grundge!

If you ever head north of the border, John you have to stop in at ours! :sunglasses:

Man, you must have been just a tyke, Seattle has been grundge-ie for a long time now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I was north to Whistler for a conclave of 8 folks and some skiing, the mountain won yet again :laughing: Robin, your around the Toronto area, no? Now if ‘love in the spring time’ melts the ‘cold hearts of winter’ :astonished: (hmm, I might be able to use that line in a song) maybe a summer road trip is in order, like around the west end of Lake Superior, through Thunder Bay, then dead-head on to Toronto… :smiley:

Would have been in the 70’s or 80’s, not exactly a tyke then, more like a pain in the ass to my parents! :laughing:

We are 4.5 hours north of Toronto by car. If you came across from the Sault Ste Marie crossing then east along highway 17 (the Trans Canada Highway) that’s about 7 hours from us. That highway continues on to Thunder Bay, some incredible scenery along the north shore of Superior. Not a good drive in the winter though!


WEEEEEEE! Back at ya, Tom, but I expected to see the ‘Sound Drifter Van’ in that pic…with skis on the front and cat tracks on the back :mrgreen: