What's happening? Tracks play back muted until I wiggle vol

See attached video


Tracks will play back muted until I touch a fader. The volume automation is not muted or at -140dB.

The volume is automated at -3db, manually changing it to -3.1, -5, anything else, will unmute it.

I’m trying to meet deadlines, suddenly my tracks play back muted.


I’ve checked all automation, there’s nothing in there apart from volume.

I have since plugged in my ipad remote and it seems to have come back to life.

So maybe a disconnected remote is sending signals to Cubase that all faders are -140dB?

Someone explain to me what’s going on here…

I believe you’re affecting the VST volume NOT the fader Volume there.

Check the dropdown in the inspector…

There is more than just volume on the automation, there is also panning, muting and other things. Make sure your muting automation was not tripped wrong thats what was wrong when that happened to me.

This looks to be the old issue of of getting no sound on tracks with volume automation. It should be corrected in the newest version: I have 8.5, and the problem has not shown itself since then.

yes this sounds like that known bug, it is a real pain. Not sure if it is fixed but I have not had it happen for a while.

This appears to be fixed in 8.5.15 but I cant confirm it. This was happening to me up until this point but I have not seen it since about 8.5.15

Anyone confirm it’s fixed in 8.5.15? Steinberg?

Been using 8.5.15 since it came out and have not seen it happen