Whats is that behavior ? (maintain CTRL while draw tool on key editor)

Hello, when I maintain CTRL with the draw tool, I can “offset” the my tool from the grid line. Is there a way to customize it ? Like offset by -30 ms

Ctrl/Cmd temporarily disables the grid in the Key Editor.
There is no fixed offset.

Not that I know of, but you can enable the info bar.

  1. Click the “Window Layout Settings” icon in the top right of the editor menu:

  2. Enable the Info line.

This way you could first ‘select’ the notes you’d like to move, and then type in a specific position (different start time) to nudge the group of note on/off events together.


If you want to work in seconds instead, the status line can be changed from beats/bars to time in the main transport.



If your window arrangement doesn’t have a main transport easily available, Cubase comes with a default key binding of F2 to bring up a ‘floating’ transport. Tapping F2 again closes it.

You could also make a MIDI Logic Editor and then bind it to a key command of your choice to ‘tap-nudges’ for a certain amount. That’d give the ability to have quick nudges of ‘selected notes’.

In the Main Project Editor Window, from the main menu go to: MIDI/Logical Editor/Setup:

Build something like this…

MIDI Logic Editor to nudge selected events -10ms:

Name and Save the new MIDI Logical Editor…

To bind a key to it:

  1. In the Main Project Window choose Project/Key Commands.
  2. Set up a key binding.

Key Binding:

That’s some very useful infos there, thanks.

I already setup the 30 ms nudge shortcut and assigned it to the right and left of my Logitech scroll wheel.

Currently not at home but can I have a view at seconds while still keeping bar beats in the key editor ? It’s not that big of deal, I could set a shortcut to switch between seconds and bar beats anyway

Not that I know of.

You could make yourself a Ruler Track set to bars + beats and activate it in the Key Editor as a Global Track.
No grid snapping of course but it might be better than nothing.