What's the best way of opening Nuendo 3 projects

I have a huge archive of songs done on my old Nuendo Mac G5 system. I still have my old G5 and it works too!

I have recently been asked to remix some of the old songs, so I need a dongle with a suitable license on it.

I am currently using Nuendo 10.2 and it looks like the license has been written over.

Can I get the old N3 license back - if so how do i do it?


What happens if you try to open the sessions in N10?

They should open perfectly, unles you used plugins that aren’t available anymore.


Oops, my fault - the projects are even earlier than I thought they must be old Cubase VST projects

I think I was confused as I could open VST projects on my old Nuendo but no on the new one

What can I open them on?

Hmmm. I think they should open anyway.
When you select the project file, the Nuendo default is looking for a .cpr
Set that to any and load your Cubase project file and see what happens.


All the plug-ins will be gone, as NU3 was 32bit only, IIRC, while NU10 is 64bit only.

The only way I am able to open songs from Cubase VST 5 is to import to Nuendo 3.0 first, but it will only work if you do not update Nuendo 3. If you update Nuendo 3, all VST 5 files will be completely spaced apart your project Window. Ask me how I know.

I have converted many projects from Cubase VST 5 to Nuendo 10, but this is the only wayI know how, after many hours and searching all over the net.

A ha!! I thought as much. Not really concerned with the plugins, I have MUCH better ones now, so I’d rather use those anyway.

My song icon isn’t recognised at all with any version of Nuendo I own (5.5 - 10) I have rather a lot of old files, it would be really great to have a basic translator app. Something I could open it with and then export as a Nuendo project

I still have my old computer that I used to record on, but my licence file on my dongle has been overwritten with subsequent Nuendos and I can’t get it running again

I think Cubase SX3 is the only way to get old VST projects into .cpr. Then I can open it witn N10.
I did this methob several times to rescue old recording sessions.
I keep an old G3 to this task.

I’m not sure if this is relevant, but I have some .cpr projects from 2003 which open fine in N10 (although obviously the plugins don’t load). I’m not sure which version of Cubase/Nuendo I was using at the time, but it would have been the version that was current then.


I was able to open an vintage N3 project from the year 2006 (!) correctly and completely in Nuendo 10.2
nice, eh.

If I’m not mistaken, cubase vst 5 projects use extensions .all or. arr that you can only open with Nuendo 3 or earlier and Cubase SX or earlier You may use an old computer with Windows XP or an old Mac… Or a virtual machine. Nuendo 10 license should open Nuendo 3.

Roday I’ve tried to open an old VST/24 project with Cubase SX3 and I can’t run SX3 because database of e-license cannot be updated. Before upgrade to Cubase Pro 10 it worked. Do you know how to do?

I have similar question(s).

I have older Nuendo projects (ver 1.2?) that don’t open in Cubase Pro 10. Not sure why. Few do most won’t. Some just crash the program.

The ones that do are missing the native nuendo plugins/channel strips/eqs etc. And error log that they’re missing.

Would the newer Nuendo version open those old projects WITH the native channel strips and settings?

Would I be able to download SX3 to open old . ALL files if I switch to Nuendo?
Meaning , if I crossgrade am I then locked out of any older Cubase version like CSX?

In trying to resurrect these older protects I’m not sure of these two issues. I have a usb dongle.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Ok, if they are Cubase VST projects, you have to install Nuendo 3, and do not update to 3.2 or whatever last release was.
Then import the Cubase VST .all, save as .npr, and then into Nuendo 10.
If you upgrade the Nuendo 3.0 version, all your MIDI will be imported into the wrong location, with the wrong length.
Ask me how I know.

Also, it has to be Nuendo 3, because it is the last version of Nuendo that imports Cubase VST 5 files.

EDIT: as for the installation of older versions, you have to uninstall the latest versions,
and start from the beginning with the old Syncrosoft Licencer, and then as you progress
to the later versions install the e Licencer. Then your older versions will still work.

If you don’t uninstall the new e Licencer, and install the old syncrosoft Licencer, you will
not be able to install Nuendo 3 because eLicencer did not exist then.