What's the best way to record 3 vocals and 2 accoustic guitars live, with UR44?

Hi there, I’m a newbie and hoping to use my UR44 to do some live recording. I will be using Cubase 10.
I was planning on using dynamic mics for 3 vocals, and condensor mics for the 2 accoustic guitars. So I’m going to need a way to use inputs 5/6.

Would it work for me to buy a mixer, connect a guitar or a vocal through that, and then into the rear input channels? Has anyone got any advice on the best setup to do what I want? What’s a good mixer for this to get a reasonable quality sound?

help, anyone?

I would have used a small mixer, like the Mackie 402 VLZ4 which is a 4 channel mixer, and a very decent and quiet one, with nice preamps, for about 90€. It has 48V phantom power, so I would have used this one for the 2 guitars, and then lined it out to inputs 5/6.