What's the blue line called in the step editor?

I’m looking for some further short cuts to:

a] bring the vertical blue line step input line to the beginning of a project

b] bring the blue line to the beginning of a looped part.

Since I don’t know the name of this line I can’t search in Shortcuts menu



Not sure of what you mean by “blue line”, but I assume you speak about the headplay/cursor.
To go to beginning of project, by default you can press “1”
To go to the beginning of a looped part (when the part is selected and highligthed,) same think, press “1”.

Another option is Edit / Preferences / Transport / “Return to start position on stop” ticked.

He’s referring to MIDI step input, it’s hidden from the Key Editor toolbar by default, so you might not have seen it before. Your key commands are for the project cursor which is something else.

The blue line is called the Insert Cursor. As far as I know the only related key command is “Move Insert Cursor To Part Start”.

Note that the Insert Cursor automatically moves back to the start of the loop when the right locator is reached via step input, if Cycle/Loop is enabled in the transport.

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I believe you mean the Step Input positioner. I’m afraid there are no Key Commands for the request operations.