What's the concept and purpose of VST LIVE?

Congrats for the new program !
I never used computer on shows and every one has different needs probably from a “live” computer program.
there are no Videos released for the Vst Live yet ,so i need some clarification and have questions .
will now or in feature, Vst live will be able or intended also to work kind of a workstation ?
meaning, i can have a song with some tracks, and maybe i can slowdown or make a song faster during performance smoothly?
can i add for instance some loop on the fly (yes i know again Ableton style :wink:)
can i loop a section or bars naturally during a show ? like repeating the intro, or taking 8 bars and loop them for free solo and continue the song or jump to other section. or completely to another song etc…
in the promo video it says you can shape the band members tracks 'guitar vocalist etc… so its also runs as a mixer with monitoring capability ?
what about the “Gapless” audio engine ? can we add Vst fx vst instruments tracks, during playback without glitches ?
or maybe the program is not in that direction at all and its more for playback static staff that made on pre production and its not possible to make such dynamic changes as i mentioned on this post ?
no judge or complains (maybe later :laughing:) just to get the idea behind VST Live

  • not a workstation but extended features compared to backing-track player, recording your performance, DMX, video etc
  • looping as you describe not yet implemented but planned soon
  • mixer has Group and Output channels so, yes, you could set it up for monitoring
  • gapless - not in that sense. Parts changes are gapless and overlapping (keys still pressed, sustain pedal, sustain time in preferences for reverb etc), and with the preload feature very quick. But changing fx etc on the fly is not supported.
    Basically yes, it is designed towards static playback (or manual operation) but looping features will be added, most of all so to keep sections playing until (bar) quantized jump is scheduled. Remote cycle on/off is available already yet.
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