What's the deal with overlapping clips on a single track

I’m trying to adjust from Cakewalk to Cubase. One thing I’m having a little trouble with are overlapping clips on a single track. I’ll record a clip and adjust the fade-in/fade-out so I like it. Then I’ll record another clip that might need to overlap the first clip (on a separate track); I’ll adjust the fade-in/fade-out for clip 2. Then I will drag clip two onto the same track as clip one - the overlap point seems to get messed up. It seems like the track can only deal with one clip or another at anytime (in overlapping space). This is confusing to me, because in Cakewalk every clip can have its own volume envelopes, making it easy to assemble many clips on a single track, overlapping as needed.

What’s the deal with overlapping clips on a single track in Cubase? Is that just something you can’t do?

I come from Sonar as well, and we just have to adjust to that overlapping audio in Cubase does not play both - one will conquer.

For midi though, is more like Sonar.

on the same track you can overlay the 2 audio parts and press “x” so it will make a transition which you can fully adjust.

I prefer it the Cubase way. It’s perfect for drum hits. I want the over lapping clip to cut the sound of the other. We have Shortcut U: (Uncover) Bring to front and X: Crossfade to help here.

Here’s some workflow…
When using multiples of the same drum hit across a track, I drag the fade out from the left all the way to the right and draw my envelop, even if most of it stays at the top. We can do this at the start, before copying or (if the parts remain the same length) come back at any point. I use these commands A: Select All on Track, F: Open Fades and adjust the envelope for all in 1 go.

When the samples go into a fill or roll…
If the parts didn’t cut themselves when overlapped we’d get audio bleed, unwanted build up.
If we’d cut the parts to different lengths, to prevent audio bleed, the super quick workflow above wouldn’t work.

When dragging a new sample from the Pool/Media Bay, hold shift before releasing it over the old sample. This will give you the option to replace all in project or just that one. All the envelope setting etc will remain. Perfect for swapping out kicks and snares!

Take a look at my Key Commands list, https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzUqoUE_JiOucVN2QXlTYlIyb1E
It’s currently receiving a few tweaks, new ideas added.

Thank you for this!

If you want the key Command file just ask.

I am having difficulty with overlapping tracks.
I’m doing a drum track. I recorded 8 hits of a hi hat to count me in, so my guitar bass, etc. will be on time. So, when I am ready to start adding the actual drum beat, I press record and there’s an overlap of another track, which is the actual drum beat. I prefer to have the high hat and the drum beat on the same track instead of being overlapped, that way I can make adjustments in the piano role. However, since there are two tracks overlapped, I can’t see all of the drum hits in the piano roll because they are on two different layers, on the same track.

I hope this makes sense.

no because you don’t get piano roll on audio clips.

If you’re using midi you can select multiple tracks and/or parts have them display in 1 piano roll. If you still prefer to use 1 track for all your drums, there’s an option to change the midi part overlay.

I believe this thread is related to Audio parts overlapping.