What's the difference between Cubase Studio 4 and Cubase LE4

Are they the same things? If not, what are the differences. Someone is wanting to give me studio 4 with something I’m buying instead of LE4 which was what it was supposed to come with originally.


I don’t know exactly what features are in either of those but I DO know this…
An upgrade from LE4 to Cubase 6 is $300.
An upgrade from Studio 4 to Cubase 6 is $200.
Most likely the Studio version has more features but more importantly when you upgrade (and you will :smiley: haha) it will save you $100!


Studio 4 is actually a paid product, LE is what they give away with hardware stuff and an entry level license.
Get studio 4 if you’re given a choice :slight_smile: