What's the difference between the Raiser in Cubase 12 and the Maximizer?

I see there a new plugin in Cubase 12 called a Raiser, which brings up the loudness of your music when used in mastering. This is what a Maximizer does. So what is the difference between the new Raiser and the Maximizer in Cubase?

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It is a different limiter with different controls.

Just like you may like different compressors for different material, you might like different limiters for different material. Listen to it, twiddle the knobs, compare to Maximizer, and see which one sounds better to you.


Best suited for percussive material? What do they mean by ‘percussive material’? Is it ok to use on the Stereo Output channel to master heavy rock music?

The stuff the drummer makes. Or when you smash the guitar into the Marshalls during a gig. Very percussive.

Technically yes. In the end your ears have to like the result.

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Yeah I’d differentiate them as…

Maximizer: Main purpose is maximize loudness of the mix while keeping it as transparent as possible. The aim is not to change the overall sound too much but just make it sound louder. Of course this means it’s parameters are set correctly. It may be good not go into it with 0db mix. It is better to feed it with a mix of -12db or something so it can work on it with headroom.

Raiser: More aggressive loudmaker and more for sound sculpting and artistic purposes. Means it is more used to not only raise loudness but also to change the transients oder sustain of audio and to crush it more. Thus you can of course use it on a mix. For instance an EDM mix can profit from that, and a change to the overall sound and not only loudness can be wanted. But it can also be used for beat groups or single sounds. There’s another new artistic fx of that category in Cubase called Squasher, which is a multiband limiter-expander for things like mimicing abletons OTT fx. Also it can change or improve mix or beat or sound significantly.


That’s related to this section:

to a rather aggressive limiting, best suited for percussive material

What they are saying is that “if you turn the limiter knob all the way to max, it’s best used on things with strong percussive characteristics” – e g, drums, and things like that.
Best is to use your ears!

Squasher, which is a multiband limiter-expander for things like mimicing abletons OTT fx

I thought the original OTT was the one from Xfer records (the Serum maker)

It’s a fee plugin, too. Although the OG OTT has well-known problems, like severe clicks when tails die down.

I always thought OTT was replicating the OTT preset in the Ableton plugin.

Yes the OTT (that stands for “over-the-top”) is a free plugin from Xfer with the same preset name in Live’s multiband-c-e fx . It is one of Xfer’s older plugins and still VST2 so I don’t use it anymore and I’m not sure if it will be converted to VST3 as Xfer’s very popular Synth Serum already has been. And as I mentioned, when you have Cubase the new “Squasher” FX comes with it so you can also have the “OTT” effect for free.

Already happened quite a while ago.

Unfortunately the dev forgot to support the bypass switch.

Thanks for the info… good to know :+1: