Whats the difference between the update and the upgrade?

Am I correct in thinging the UPDATE is for people who already own full SL7 and want SL8, whereas the UPGRADE is for people who have Elements and want to move to the full SL8?

They could make this more definative in their web site!

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OK just answering my own question. All is revealed when you click on the BUY buttons, but it’s poor form and this should be obvious on the initial page.

It is as I suggested in the OP.

To me, an “update” means a patch. An “upgrade” means a move to an entirely new version of the software, and I have to pay for it. I wouldn’t consider a move from SL7 to SL8 an “update”, since I’d have to pay for the new software.

I find the Steinberg semantics a little odd. I just look for the $ sign. That’s the only thing that matters.

Yes exactly. But it should be more clear and not left to the interpretation of similar words.

These things aren’t difficult.