What's the difference....

…between this subforum and the “miscellaneous” subforum?

It does seem that if they are going to keep it organized like it is now then the “miscellaneous” sub-forum could probably disappear.

It seems that people are posting issues in 3 forums now

  • this forum
  • miscellaneous subforum
  • collected issues -> Issue reports subforum

It is typical for SB. I would diagnose it as a form of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

What happens is they get excited about rearranging their stuff, they put a ton of time into organizing things into the most optimal state they can, and just moments before they finish, something shiny attracts their attention and their focus abruptly and happily switches to the new idea.

Their efforts are so amazing in other quarters that we tacitly agree to tolerate it.

Just as in the USA, if you have ADHD here you can ask for extended time to take tests and get other benefits designed to level the playing field.

Have some compassion fer cripes sake.


You know, I was wondering the same thing. It does not seem to be needed.

It allows the Lounge to be free of non-specific but Cubase related posts.

What does, Miscellaneous? Isn’t that pretty much what this general Cubase 7 | Cubase Artist 7 forum is for (non-specific but Cubase related posts)? If not, what is this forum for?

Why the discussion? It’s just a mistake.

I just thought I’d try to keep Brains somewhat distracted in a completely meaningless topic.

Sorry if I offended you. :mrgreen:

Of course I am super-offended.

Also, I think you could have done a better job to

Cubase specific threads.

The forums in general are mearly here for brains to get to 1000 posts…

hasn’t he/she done it yet i foe’d he/she ages ago ??