What's the differential purpose between MediaBay and Sound Browser?

Is it just like Mixer 1, Mixer, and Mixer 3?

Three different “Media Bays” for quick access to different assets?

The sound browsers are actually “only” certain, for the respective instruments and FX specially pre-filtered views of the media bay. That’s how I understand it.

Not really following your explanations.

you’re saying one affects the display of the other?

No, the different views are independent of each other. But they are based on a common database, which is what the Mediabay actually is.
In the overall view of the media bay, which you can call up with F5, you will find everything under one roof

As far as I can tell,
It’s the same idea as Mixer 1, Mixer 2, and Mixer 3

Except they just purpose named these to be different to show the user they can set up multiple “MediaBays” for different things… It’s essentially, MediaBay1, MediaBay2, MediaBay3… they can be set up exactly the same, or completely different

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It is exactly like that

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