What's the next best thing to CC 121 for Cubase Pro 11?


Have been looking around at controllers for use with my Cubase Pro 11, with main interest in the less than $250 USD range. The thing I’m interested the most in is something that has almost plug and play integration with Cubase (hours and hours of figuring out how you set up connections so they play nicely together is something I’d like very much to avoid).

I see some cc121s on eBay for $600-800 USD, jiminy crickets.

Nectar Panorama P4 was recommended to fit the bill at the right price point, at
The Best MIDI Controller for Cubase You Can Buy 2022 .

Does anyone have any experience with this unit, or suggestions for other controllers (well-integrated with Cubase Pro 11, at roughly the $250 USD price) please?

Thank you!