What's the point of having more money, let me tell you

I do like buying large sample libraries, or at least many instances of small sample sets however one thing I find really nice about using x64 and a large amount of money is; you can leave the DAW open while doing other things like browsing your bank acct. etc., now some out there might be purist and say a DAW is not to be used as an bank acct. machine, run anti-virus applications etc but this can all be configured.

Saying this, one important point to note: having more money and a 64 bit instruction set (CPU) does not guarantee joy, particularly when using older OS’s such as Windows 7 since now (post W7) Windows uses what is known as GPT volumes which allow for larger cluster sizes with respect to files, which in turn means you will also need to have a compatible hard disk.

Just some things to consider now that Cubase 8 has arrived.

For further information, refer here:

http://money.microsoft.com/en-us/library … 85%29.aspx

I agree, let me tell you… :confused: :unamused: :ugeek:

Money can also be used for other things besides new Microsoft products or Cubase upgrades…you have money for other things good in life… like burrito’s from Chipotle, chicken sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A, or burgers N’ beer from BJ’s. Now some purists may say, oh no, thou must not eat burgers, but suck on the carrots on a string shoved in your face by Steinberg for upgrades you don’t need. The only “volumes” I need, all go to 11 which give the listener a cluster in the ears. Just 32 bits is all I need, any more and it would give me GAS all over again.

Oh, your link is broken, Jeff!

Works here. Try a different browser, perhaps.


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It helps when your parents have $$$$$$$$$$$ :smiley: