What's the point of the 2TR in?

I am wondering what the point of having the 2TR input jack if that signal is not passed to the computer? Am I missing something?

I use mine to connect an external CD/IPod player. I can play commercial CD’s via the same monitors and listening position I use for Cubase. It helps greatly when comparing commercial CD’s to my own mixes. Also, if I just want to listen to a CD/IPod without loading Cubase I can do that too. If I’m trying to learn a bass line I can play a CD, plug my bass into an input, put on head phones and practice. This would work for guitar or keyboard as well. It’s a very convenient feature.
Would it be cool to be able to record into your DAW via the 2TR…Yes! But…

I pipe my internet PC audio (on internal audio) into my aux in to have all the monitor switching options available for online audio, video etc. For me it’s the perfect solution and along with the 3 monitor switching and mono button was why I chose the UR.

Can you record the signal from the 2TR input? I have tried and have had no luck.

Don’t think you can without wiring a pair of outputs back to your inputs 3/4. (Watch out for feedback loop)

Strange… 2TR input could be the only way to record audio returned from external MIDI sound module. Inputs 3/4 are distorted by preamps and/or AD/DA converters. I did not know it before buying…

If you have the latest firmware you can adjust the settings on inputs 3/4. There are no preamps on those inputs either. What do you have going into them?

I have the latest firmware and I can adjust the settings on inputs 3/4. But there is no “bypass mode”. I have old keyboard with the only analog output (yes, I know it is unpractical in VST times but I still like some voices). Sound in 3/4 inputs of UR28M is affected by AD/DA converter or preamp or maybe something else. I turned off all effects, changed hardware configuration in mixer. Maybe it is not a distortion, but sound is not as pure as in 2TR in.
It is not a big problem, but I still wonder why 2TR in does not flow signal to the computer…

You probably need to turn down the level of the signal on your Kbd. I have an old analog modular synth and do the same.
The 2TR input is meant for comparison with commercial or other material as qbury mentions in the 2nd post - this is what it’s primarily for - for people who like to mix this way. Also once you mixdown and burn to a CD, it lets you listen to it over the original soundsystem. It wasn’t designed to be a 7/8 input source.

Low level of signal combined with -10dBV sounds much better. Thanks!

Glad to hear it’s working for you. :smiley: