What's The Secret ?

I have been able to load and use Virtual Guitarist on my Mac OS X 10.6.8 and into cubase 6. Works great.
However, I am unable to get Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition working. I see it in Cubase but it say’s
no content. How do I find the content? Or can I ? What’s the secret? Do you know – anyone know, how to
get this to work? Thanks for your help.

Are you on PC or Mac?

On Mac you can get “VG_EE_SetContentLocation_OS_X.sit” from this address:


Run the VG_EE_SetContentLocation and choose the Virtual Guitarist EE Content (somewhere on your HD)… thats it.

What Cubase 6 version are you running?

Thanks “haraldsson” for the information. Much appreciated ! I’m running Cubase 6.0.0

It seems I can not “run” the VG_EE_SetContentLocation_ OS_X.sit and choose Virtual Guitarist EE Content in HD.
I’m glad it worked for you. I still may not be doing something right. Evidently, I’m not as bright as you.
But thanks for helping me.