What's the tempo without the metronome ?

Can you find the tempo ( bpm ) of your recorded piece where you haven’t set the tempo in the transport panel to begin with. I’d like to sync a drum pattern to the beat. I tend to play until I get a melody whatever the tempo and then immediately go into record.


The function that would try to find a tempo for you automatically is the Tempo Definition Tool, however, it is not included in Elements (it is included in Cubase 7.5). In Elements I would say to use the (EDIT: SHOULD BE TIME WARP) Warp tabs to manually align each bar to the original recording you are trying to follow. I hope this information is helpful.


Thank you. I’m using Cubase 6.5. I’ll give it a try.


Depending upon the rhythmic (or not :wink: ) nature of the source music, you should also investigate the Timewarp Tool, and the function “Merge Tempo from Tapping”. Both of these are documented in the manual, and there are also many posts about them in these forums :wink:.
(NB: “Warp Tabs” and the “Timewarp Tool” are two completely different things :wink: )


Good to hear from you and thanks. Thank you for your time in suggesting a work-around on this tempo hang-up of mine. It’s just the way I work. No metronome: get a melody first. Record it willy-nilly whether it’s 90/120/140 bpm. I play it back: tinker in the Midi Editor : then decide to add drums or layer it- that’s when the frustration digs in but thanks to your suggestions I’ ll need the manual. This calls for a drink…

Yours forever thirsty,

(Does anybody decide to start with a tempo first- and key signature for that matter- before ‘writing a song’ ? )

Vic, Totally correct, my mistake on saying Warp Tabs when I was referring to the Timewarp.

Also, Cubase 6.5 does have the Tempo Detection feature, which may be a good starting point.