What's this little red triangle next to Master (with "!")

I see a little red alert triangle with the exclamation point in it sitting next to the word “Master” in my standalone instance of Halion 4.5. If I hover over it, nothing happens. Click on it, nothing happens.

I suspect it’s alerting me to clipping due to its proximity to the master volume, but how do I reset it (if it is a clipping alert).

I did search the manual for “exclamation”, but nothing useful.

You have loaded a “… 4.0” sound, but no 4.0 output is set for halion.


Well, DUH - what else could it mean?!!? (/sarc) :laughing:

Thanks JLM.

I’ve just noticed this too. Thanks for the explanation, but I guess I’m too ignorant to understand it. What is a “…4.0” sound and a “4.0” output?

So what is one supposed to do when you get this alert?

I don’t exactly understand this either. Manual page?

Basically the explanation mark notifies you that the output busses you routed the program to, aren’t available (enabled), whether it’s stereo or surround (4.0). Obviously solved by enabling extra busses (in Cubendo or other DAW*) or routing the program to an enabled bus. Picking a 4.0 program when using Halion 5 on an Instrument track will result in this warning. Simply because the Instrument track will have a stereo (2.0) output.

  • Not all DAW’s support Halion’s entire range of outputs.