What's this space for, advertising? | suggestion/thought

Just setting up a new project, and looking at the flow blocks in Setup, thinking that it would be nice to be able to put notes under the flow title for quick reference.

I meant prose notes, but I can see that a bit of score – as in thematic catalogue – might have its uses too.

Just to explain the topic title, our 1st year maths teacher told us to leave a space, during an exam, if you need to come back to a question… and if you did that, when you got the marked paper back, she’d write “what’s this space for? Advertising?”


If you type into the Flow Title field in Project Info you indeed break the link with the Flow Name (as shown in the lower panel of Setup mode), thus allowing you to put prose there that won’t show on the page.

Not following you, Leo: as soon as I press return, or ctrl-rtn (the usual one for hard carriage return) it just moves to the next field, both in project info and on the flow block

Here’s a new project from the hub, set to use multiple flows (and thus showing a flow heading at the top of each flow).

Go into Project Info and type some stuff into the Flow’s Title field.

Apply and Close.

Now in Setup mode, type whatever you like into the Flow name in the bottom panel. Note it won’t appear anywhere on the page.

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the other option is to use the “other information” section of the Project Info pane. I put all sorts of stuff there in my projects. It’s very useful.

Aye, but you have to open it to look at it. For a quick reminder, my feeling is that nipping to Setup is fewer keystrokes.

Fair, although cmd-I works pretty quickly.

I can’t see what you’re doing and I’m not, except that you mention your project is “set to use multiple flows”, so maybe that is the step I’m missing?

Touché :slight_smile: I’m just a bit backward about keyboard shortcuts

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That only makes a difference to the tokens that appear at the top of the page.
If you type into the Flow Title field in Project Info (as opposed to changing the Flow Name in the left panel of that dialog or the bottom panel of Setup mode) you break the link.

This is documented here:

and here:

Seemingly undocumented is the fact that if you go into Project Info, delete the flow title (and don’t put anything at all in that field), then Apply and Close, the flow title will automatically resolve to the flow name and the link will be restored.

Extra FR: can we have separate fields for Flow Title and Flow Name? That’s molto confusing, it seems to me. At this point, I don’t know whether what I’m looking at is my Flow Title or my Flow Name.

Thanks though, Leo, for taking the time to explain.

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The left side of Project Info is Flow Name. The bottom panel of Setup mode is also Flow Name.
The Flow Title field in the right side of Project Info is the Flow Title, as is any instance of {@flowTitle@} on the printed page.

Don’t forget that Dorico does have a Comments feature, built-in.


As it isn’t a feature that I’ve ever thought to use, it wouldn’t have occurred to me – I’ll take a look.