What's this thing in the lower left corner in write mode do?

I’m talking about the little button or whatever it is that shows a ruler or something. I can’t get it to do anything, but it’s there, albeit only in write mode. Can someone enlighten me?

I’ll attach a pic to make myself clear.
Skærmbillede 2016-11-06 kl. 21.55.56.png

I believe that is the orange ruler preferences. You should be able to chose a different note value to show more or less tick marks.


When you have the caret visible, there are little vertical lines marking the position in a bar. You can use the left and right arrow keys to move the caret. By default they are set to eight notes. You can use that button to change the rhythmic grid.

That’s the thing with the note, that opens up a drawer to change the grid value. I mean the ruler to the left of it- or is it just an explanatory sign for the button to the right of it?

I thinks it’s the icon for the selector…


It is indeed the icon for the rhythmic grid selector.