What's up with Copy/Paste function in 6.5?

I need to paste a copied event that starts on the 3rd beat of the measure to another measure. I place the cursor ON the 3rd beat of the new measure and hit paste and the copied part comes in on the 1st beat of the new measure (??). :astonished:

I checked the prefs in edit and de-selected the “automatic hit point” option, hoping that would solve the problem. But that didn’t work. I got a thousand returns on the copy/paste search from the manual, none of which addressed my problem.

So, can you guys tell me how to get my pasted parts to go where I placed them?

Your start point is probably set at a different point than the front of the event. This can happen automatically when recording so that you can drag events around and have them offset to your grid correctly as opposed to having to use relative grid.

Open the event in the sample editor and check where your event start point is located.

Yep, that was it. Thanks a lot! :mrgreen: