Whats up with Inspector XL?

Whats up with Inspector XL?

I own Elemental Audio Inspector XL, I know that this was bought by Roger Nicholson some years ago - so far so good, I recieved a free update for my iLok some years ago.

No Probs so far, I have the iLok license as well as the dlls…

But I was just searching regarding new versions (going 64bit over here) and it seems that Roger Nicholson Digital is gone - does anybody know whats up with that software?

I have a V1 version from 2006 - I did research, it seems that there is a V1.4 or even newer version out - but all urls are down… Maybe someone has the last version and can send me the dlls… I think this will be legal as I have the license.

Well, that sucks with software… A piece of hardware can live and be used forever, even when the company is gone. Ok, if it brakes you have to find someone who can fix it. But software… Whats with all those “activation procedere” plugins?? As long as I have licenses on the iLok or a serial I can use a dead software - till it is not compatible anymore… but those who needs those nasty activation things when you reinstall your system…?



Roger has passed away some time ago.
AFAIK, the company wasn’t akin’ over.


Oh, too bad to hear, I was not aware of that.

If someone hast the latest installers or dlls (dlls are enough) though - maybe he/she can share them.


Give a try to SPAN, free from Voxengo. It changed the way I mixed :slight_smile: