What's with the spam threads on here?

So far I’ve seen a post for pest control and another one for rents here on this forum.
Is this normal for this platform? I don’t recall seeing this kind of spam on the old forum.

Even worse, there was one about women’s fashion tagged #cubase-10. As if the ladies using other versions do not have a right to be fashionable. Preposterous.


We are not blocking new users’ first posts like we did in the old forum, which is why there’s an uptick in spam.

The Discourse system is actually doing a pretty decent job- around 100 or more posts a day are getting blocked automatically– but a few are getting though. Going forward hopefully adjustments can be made to block more spam posts without using that heavy-handed first-post-blocking “technique”

A couple users besides me are flagging such posts when they see them, which is quite helpful.

But isn’t it possible that ladies using Cubase 11 or Nuendo have an intrinsic fashion sense lacking in Cubase 10 users? Hm? Think about that for a moment. And what about gentlemen?! :grimacing:

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This is true indeed.

As my lady tells me: If you had it your way, you’d be dressed in burlap sacks as long as you could buy another microphone. You men don’t understand fashion.



I’m so used to to not seeing spam in the Cubase forum that it took me a moment to recognize the first one I ran into. Kept looking for the Cubase connection - then I snapped out of it and flagged 'em.

I’ve heard that many of the younger gentlemen are getting their clothes in the newer content sets.

Can I suggest that new users are prohibited from posting external links or images (maybe for the first week?) That wouldn’t be too intrusive and means that there would be little point in spamming the forum.

There must be a setting for that in Discourse

(and moving to the lounge :slight_smile: )

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How interesting. Within a few minutes of posting a comment critical of the constant spam posts here, and how humiliating for the web admins this must be considering how easy it is to block spam posters in an environment like this, oddly my post was deleted by an anonymous admin or mod.

Are we going to do this trash again, too? Going to censor and moderate comments that displease the brand as “violating the rules” when they violate nothing?

Such as, all the earlier commentary to do with ASIO internal overloads in cubase 10xx and 11xx due to the widely experienced hyperthreading (multicore) issues, where angry customers express that anger here because steinberg directs them to come here? Going to work harder to censor all that inconvenient, angry content? Good luck.

you definitely sound angry bro