What's wrong, Wavelab 11 Pro/Windows 11 refuses to playback

I have a very frustrating issue; Using WaveLab 11.2 Pro with a ESI U24 XL USB interface, and it refuses to playback files (.wav , flac or other formats). At times I can record, and then it works to play the recorded material - but after rebooting the system (ordinary shut down) it refuses to play…
I use Windows 11 Pro, and the PC is a AMD Ryzen 5700x system with 32 GB of RAM and a 2 TB m.2 ssd disk.
All the latest drivers are installed, as well as alternative ASIO drivers (Asio4All) - same result— What am I missing here? Anybody experienced the same problem?

I would assume you have checked this, but does your sound interface show up as default sound card in the global connections tab? possibly wavelab is wanting to use a different device and its not letting you play maybe?

Or is the clock set for a different sample rate than the file you are attempting to playback? Are you using internal clocking or clocking from your interface?

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