What's wrong with the CB10.5Pro mixer racks?

Just trying 10.5Pro for the first time. Opened some previous projects from 9.5Pro.

All the MixConsoles1/2/3 are only showing the basic fader panel with the pan and links.

My usual setup is configured in Racks to show Routing/Inserts/EQ/ChannelStrip/Sends, but none of those are showing. I just have these ugly wrong long faders which are a large percentage of the window height.

Disabling/re-enabling the required racks makes no difference.

I’d heard 10+ was buggy, but this is basic screen management and drawing gone wrong.

Oh and it either locks up totally or crashes to desktop loading most of my previous work which performs perfectly on 9.5Pro on the same hardware.

So Mr Steinberg, any ideas what is going on?

You need to set that up. You do it with the icons to the right at the top.

Why would I need to set it up. It was all set up in the project in CB9.5Pro. I know HOW to set it up. The point is I shouldn’t have to in an existing project.

But it’s all gone to pot in 10.5Pro.

No way do I wan’t to have to reconfigure this for every job I bring over to 10.

It seems like a bug. I’ve been using CB and it’s ancestors for over 30 years, and I’d say this is broken.

As I said, it IS configured at the top right, but it does not display the chosen configuration. I was pretty specific about this in the opening post. I do wish people would read posts properly before replying.

Did you go to the Windows tab in Cubase and then do a full reset for all 3 mix consoles? You will still have to set up what you want to see, but this assures there isn’t an issue with the consoles.

FWIW, practically any older project I bring into 10.5 or even prior cubase versions requires some adjusting.

Found the culprit. Rack settings as defined for job in 9.5pro are just simply ignored in 10.5pro.


This just makes life harder than it needs to be. Fix it please.

So under the Rack Settings icon, all racks are disabled when loading the job in 10, even though they were configured for the job in 9. Pah.

If all you wanted to do was rant you could have mentioned that in your OP.


If all you wanted to do was rant you could have mentioned that in your OP.

What a ridiculous and unhelpful reply. Moderator??