What's your drum app of choice?

As both native solutions (MiniSampler and Classic Machines) can’t be used for serious drum work i’m looking for a decent solution which

  • must be able to import own samples
  • must provide a basic mixer for adjusting individual levels
  • must provide assignable choke groups
    So, what’s your weapon of choice?
    I’m fine with an IAA instrument, AUv3 is a nice to have bonus but not crucial.

Drumperfect pro

I am working with a Keith McMillen BopPad right now so I am trying to figure out what is going to work the best. There is a radius value that can be mapped so that the closer to the middle of the drum you are, the higher the value MIDI message that gets sent. So, in Ableton you can MIDI map the value to anything, say, the transposition knob of an open hi-hat sample. This makes it so the increase in pitch makes it sound like you are closing a hat. Alternatively, the same technique on a tom or ethnic drum produced nice dynamic pitch.

Now I am trying to figure out how this might be accomplished, if it can be accomplished, in Cubasis. To answer your question, so far KQDixie has been my main drum app because the programming is so open ended and detailed, while the wealth of presents is unsurpassed by any soft synth to my knowledge.
I have also been tinkering around with drum modules in Audulus 3. They have a pretty cool DFAM clone as well as some nice Kick drums.