What's your FUNCTION button setup?

What Cubase functions have you mapped to your four CC121 FUNCTION buttons?

Currently I use the 2 and 3 function keys to move the locator one bar left or right.
I also have Left Locator on key 1 and Right Locator on key 4 – simply because the CC121 is placed much nearer my MIDI controller than the 1 and 2 keys on my numeric keyboard.

I also use the “value” knob for metronome level. That one’s actually really handy.

Most other function keys I really use a lot, I map to my Stream Deck XL. :slight_smile:

Interesting. Makes sense, because it’s close to the jog wheel. I stole that idea for FUNCTION 1 and 2. But now I still have 2 unused buttons…

I use this config all the time and these buttons are busy:
1 - Open lower zone key editor (very useful when you want to open multiple parts)
2 - Listen (use it a lot when I solo multiple channels to focus on a particular channel without touching the current solo config)
3 - redo
4 - undo

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1 - Macro: Export full Song and save to Mixdown folder
2 - Insert silence
3 - Reverse audio
4 - Render in-place

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