When aborting an Export Audio Mixdown. it now deletes the original file

In the release notes for v12.0.40 it says you have improved stability ‘When aborting an Export Audio Mixdown.’.

So…yes…if I abort an export it now aborts instantaneously (rather than waiting an age on v 12.0.x)…however if you are exporting to an existing file name it now deletes the original file if I hit abort. I’m pretty sure on previous versions it would retain the existing file if I hit abort?
(Running Cubase 12.0.40 on Windows 11)

No it didn’t. At least not 12.0.30. Just tested it.

I think the abort export has probably been buggy for a while - I just double checked on Cubase 11 and hitting abort didn’t work at all - it just stops the progress bar from working and it does the export anyway.

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As another user pointed out, the cancel was probably just not cancelling before. (Making it seem like cancel “took a long time”)

Pretty sure when you choose to export overwrite an existing file, the first thing it does is just delete the original file, so there’s nothing to go back to now that cancel works properly.

Some software write to tempory files and then delete the original and rename the temp file to the destination after success, but as it stands I think this is operating as designed in cubase.