as the title says ,another week and it will be 2 months with no news, no contact ,not even reinsurance to us qc owners to weather you are going to do an update , franky steinberg this is bangout of order and with all the audio shows coming up it’s not going to look very good when questioned on the floor about C7 and compatibility with steinbergs OWN hardware … im shocked you haven’t even bothered with this issue and you have definitely lost me as a hardware customer from now on …you can’t be trusted to support your products !

While I am simply a hobbyist and do not rely on my rig for revenue I must admit I am surprised that Steinberg has chosen to go dark on its support for its own hardware while, at the same time, announcing yet another hardware device. These facts, in conjunction with the price reductions in the CMC series, suggests that those of us who adapted the CMC controller series probably have little to look forward to. I find this disappointing and somewhat exploitive – Not a great way to build trust with one’s customer base. All of this is, of course, a reflection of poor CMC sales and Steinberg quietly EOL-ing the product line. I too will be looking elsewhere for a control surface solution.

As an addendum I find the FD series comparatively unwieldy. I was hoping Steinberg might augment the CMC series with a motorized fader flavor w/LCD displaying the track name but that is certainly never going to happen considering the lack of support for the existing products.

Looking in the rear mirror the situation, though it’s frustrating to get a bug-laden software together with CMC hardware that’s useable about 50% of it’s former capacity… it’s truly a @ss-plaque to use so much workarounds, but again, it’s not that it really has gone from bad to worse, merely stayed the same as it always has regarding Steinberg v.s Customers.

But I’m feeling quite confident that the CMC’s has the potential to be something more than it ever had the potential of before, looking at the new layout of C7 and the fact that there’s now a controllereditor that actually collects plug-ins parameterdata and spread them over the editor, in the same fashion as the Novation ReMote’s does… ( and yes, i used the MIDI-learn on the QC to control my UAD-2 1176 compressor from the QC’s knobs, though a bit “funky” ) Seeing how the Nuage works and that it’s the same company that has developed the hardware i’m not really sure Steinberg would quietly ditch the product… But also i’ve purchased 8 of the CMC’s so i’d hate to see the product go down the drain and loose that amount of money i paid for them.

I’m hoping for the best…

I am inclined to agree with your arguments in all respects with the exception of whether or not the CMC will be EOL’d. Like you I believe the CMC concept has tremendous potential but as evidenced by price reductions and what appears to be a passionless developmental and support effort I fear the hammer will fall in the not too distant future. Those of us who have invested in CMC appear to have the same pain points ranging from the absence of a more elegant USB daisy chain solution to the elephant in the room – the QC EQ problem. I believe that in this space early adapters must be fanatically pleased with a product in order for it to resonate with the broader market. Steinberg has failed to leverage potential momentum by its laconic approach to supporting such an innovative platform and in so doing has squandered its marketing capital to the point where the damage is probably irreversible. I want to love the CMC because I am thrilled with the concept of low-cost modular controllers but, sadly, a great idea does not a great product make.

This is not to say that there is not a great deal of thoughtfulness built into the CMC line. The MEID is very good as is overall build quality. The materials are robust and the ergonomics are wonderful. The CMC line is a respectable v1 series of products but like everything else in our world it is the promise of v2 that keeps us invested.

I see no evidence of that v2 on the horizon and little commitment to an incrementally improved v1.

2 months later , no word at all and as for pleasurable experience with steiberg produces it will be obsolete before we get an update

not a bloody word on this issue … very poor im never buying steinberg or yamaha hardware again :imp:

will this issue be addressed in the 7.0.2 update steinberg ???