When can I try the Cubase Pro 9/9.5 trial again?


I wanted to try the Cubase Pro 9 trial, but it’s not available it seems. I guess it’s due to the new 9.5 update, so my question is, when will we be able to use the trial again? Because I think I want to switch to Cubase, but I want to test it extensively beforehand, so I’m 100% sure I want to switch.

Hope someone has an answer, thanks in advance.

Maybe February, last year was early March but the 9.5 release was a couple weeks earlier than usual.

I suspect Grim is right although someone from Steinberg said there would be a trial in a couple of weeks.

I quess the trail version of C9 is unavailable since summer 2017, because i wanted to use the trail version first.
That did not work because you could download the Trail but could not use the Tral Key in de License Manager.

If im just doing voice acting and need software for recording… will I be ok with cubase elements for the time being? or would I need to get the cubase artist? what is the advantages of the more expensive versions?

There are some track count limitations which wouldn’t be an issue for your use so I think Elements plus a few well chosen third party plugs (even free ones) will probably be fine for you.
Upgrading gets more instruments and FX and features such as variaudio for tuning sung vocals…none of which are needed for v/o work.

One thing you might miss is sidechaining if you need to mix and duck music under your vocals.

If you know that you will need to do this and can’t be bothered with the fairly complex workarounds you either need to go with Pro or use a different DAW completely…even Pro is weirdly limited in the sidechain options compared to some other DAWs.