When can we expect AS native, dongle-free updates?

Longtime Halion/HalionSonic/GrooveAgent user here.

Last year I moved my entire system over from an old MacPro to a new laptop and the dongle is impeding my ability to work away from home. Since the laptop only sports USB-C, I’d need an adapter/hub for the eLicenser.

Is there any timeline on when we can expect Halion/GA to be ported to AS native and the dongle-free licenser? Thanks.

It’s one thing for the app to be AS native and dongle free … the issue that’s still bothering me in Halion and Groove Agent is that most of the library licenses still need the dongle … and it’s kind of picky in DAWs other than Cubase so it doesn’t connect properly on first launch a lot of the time.

Groove Agent 5.1 has Apple Silicon and Steinberg Licensing support. If you own a Groove Agent 5 licence, there will be a voucher in your My Steinberg.

HALion 7 is coming, so it seems almost certain that HALion 6 will not get Apple Silicon and Steinberg Licensing support. The lack of Steinberg Licensing support in HALion 6 means all current versions of Absolute remain on eLicenser.

But they both work horribly (sadly) on the M1 Platform. Super crashes/poofs no matter the DAW.

I’m SUPER hoping that 7 drops soon. Like Steinberg should drop us a BONE! Tell us it’s gonna be alright!!! :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

I’m HOPING there is a SALE if you want to upgrade more than one product at a time. Like get Groove AND HAL7 for $149! That would be a day one purchase for me.

Amadeus e.d.p.