When can we solve the problem of video offset???

As you can see, the imported video always does not end at the same time as the audio in the video. I tried to find the reason and found out that someone had already reported this issue in 2018!

At present, this problem has not been solved. This situation is simply disastrous when doing sound effects and some work that requires very careful alignment of a certain frame, because the files sent always have a slight deviation from the editing software. If all DAWs were like this, I could tolerate Steinberg’s inaction, but I tried Logic and PT, and they all worked very well!!!

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May be this thread helps:

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Thank you very much, but this is indulging Steinberg’s inaction. First of all, I cannot demand that every video producer export prores and pcm audio. Then, as I said, there is no problem placing the same video in another DAW, and the whole thing is undoubtedly Steinberg’s mistake.

Yes you can.
And you should.

Yes there is. Read Sagi’s comment in the linked thread.
If you don’t care to read and learn, then no hard feelings.
This is a free world.


Okay, thank you very much. I carefully read every word, understood the reason for this problem, and understood why Steinberg did not correct the “so-called error”. However, it was frustrating that I sent the same video to my friends using Logic, and they did not have this situation - the beginning and end of the video and audio were aligned, If possible, I really don’t want to know what caused this result, but the current situation is that in the opinion of the video producer, the software I am using has some issues in some aspects

Yep, that’s frustrating but is probably down to luck and not design.

:astonished: Then why post this topic?

The video producer is of course entitled to an opinion on this matter. It doesn’t mean that it’s true though.

Alas… I was really annoyed when posting the theme, and I sincerely apologize for the unreasonable title… But I hope to see experienced people say that setting something in Daw can avoid such a result. I mean, I don’t want to know why, I just want to know how to do it and it won’t be like this

I do understand. In an ideal world Nuendo would be able to overcome all obstacles but right now it has no built-in solution for this.

Hahahaha… Anyway, thank you!

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I honestly think that you should know why.
That is how you become skilled, that’s how you “build” your experience.
That’s how you become good at what you do.

What you can do - and what most of us do- is converting the video to ProRez for your own use.
A good converter will solve this problem, and you’ll never have to worry about these things anymore



Thank you again, Fredo. I think I understand the problem. What I need to do is ignore the audio that is imported with the video every time. In other words, there is no problem with the length of the video. The problem is the audio in the converted video, so I can still keep in sync with the video producer. My initial concern was that there was an issue with the video length in Nuendo, which would be very bad…

Well … I think even that is possible.
Video compression for dummies:
A full frame video is build out of frames: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 …
An mp4 video has fewer frames: 1 . 3 . 5 . 7 .9 . 11 …
Compression drops frames which are later “recreated” by the computer upon playback. ( 2 4 6 8 10 …)
The more a video is compressed, the more frames are dropped and the more frames that have to be rebuild by the computer, based upon the remaining frames. That’s why the quality of the video gets worse and worse.

These recreated frames are (calculated) guesswork. Which means that if these dropped frames contain a doorslam or other sync-critical image, after calculating, it can be a frame off. Or more.

Same goes for the length of the video. If many frames are dropped at the end -or beginning- of the video, the computer might not be able to recreate the last one. The same issue happens with some mp3’s. (Last few frames are not played back)

I am confident that most video creaters, compressors and playback systems have the technology that prevents these artifacts. But as with the issue of the embedded audio, you never know.
And that’s why BITC is another important requirement in video delivery.



:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :anguished: :anguished:
Okay… I understand, although this may be difficult to achieve, it seems that in the end, the video producer should still be asked to provide Prores… Sincerely thank you~Fredo