When chain VSTi stream, There is Noise around boundary

Hello there.
Im from japan.
I have a question, please.

I found a problem on my project.

Title: How to cascade VSTi ?

My current code is like it.

memcpy( processData2.inputs[0].channelBuffers32.left, processData1..);
memcpy( processData2.inputs[0].channelBuffers32.right, processData1...);

And, I heared some noise.
(Maybe ? aroung boundary process first and process second)

[blockSized] , noiseHere, [blockSized], noiseHere, [blockSized], noiseHere, [blockSized]

full source code

I want some advice.
Thank you.

Hi there .
Additional question.
Is mutex bad in process?

I tried lockfree queue from boost.

but, This patch still have some noise.

Does anyone know where Can I read a document for BusArarngement ?

Next, I want to try it.

Still waiting advice → first topic.


It was just “pointer error + forgot, [continue state] when bus not active”.

topic closed.

but, some brushup success.

(boost::lockfree::queue etc)

Thank you open this spot,

see you.