When cubase 8.5 Crashes, driver of UR22 crash too


weird issue since i have a UR22.

i posted my issue on the UR22 forum but got no reply and as it’s exclusive to cubase…

i own Cubase 8.5 Pro and an UR22 (not Mark II). when cubase crash and stop responding, and don’t close by itself, and that i’m forced to kill it in the task manager to close it and be able to relaunch it, the asio driver of the UR22 crash too ! if i want to get the asio of the UR22 working again, i must reboot my computer… (a PC under windows 10 x64 pro).

pretty annoying… (no kidding). if a relaunch cubase 8, i get a message asking me to chose my asio driver and if i click on the UR22 i get a “asio driver is not available” or something like that (don’t remember the exact message).

only a reboot fix the issue. any idea what’s going wrong ?


The question is, why Cubase crashes. Might by, the crash of Cubase is caused by driver crash in fact. Then it would make sense.

Do you have the latest driver installed, please? And do you have the latest Firmware installed?

about why cubase crashes that’s a good question :slight_smile:. i’ll notate next time it’s happen what i was doing, but i’m doing very simple things in it since a long time. it’s usually midi editing with one kontakt instrument loaded, and sometimes a video with it.

yes i have the latest Driver, about the UR22, i don’t see any firmware available, they are available for other products.

is there a kind of .log about cubase, when it crashes, and stored somewhere in windows ?


You can find the crashlog in the Documents/Steinberg/crashlogs folder.

When Cubase crashes, it does not always release the audio driver, that is normal and has happened to me using both Motu, TC, and Steinberg interfaces.
It is anyway best to reboot the computer to make sure all drivers are available.
Cubase 8.5 is very stable and should not crash, you need to find out what is making it crash

Thanks i will take a look at it, in case something is written there, thank you !

ok so it’s normal. it’s not crashing all the time, it does it very rarely, but sometimes it does. anyway, didn’t found a crashlog but a crashdump where martin told me to search.

but thanks Paeke, at least, i know that when it’s happening it’s normal :slight_smile:. i’ll try to investigate when the crash will happen next time, but i know that 2 days ago, it happened while i was doing a sync between a Midi recording i did on my piano, and the video i filmed while paying. i had a mp4 video loaded (yes, still using the quicktime player but blocked it with the firmware. how to do it then ? :frowning: … waiting a new update from steinberg in regard of this to get ride of this s****…

i remember i had some crashes with no video involved. i’ll check that and ill come back here to tell the investigation. i’ll look at the windows journal as well to see if it’s something related to windows, and not inside cubase. it can be as well a 32bits plugin with the cubase Bridge which crash it. i’ll be fixed there too, as almost everybody will be forced to switch to Jbridge for the next update :wink:.