When Cubase finds a file, how do I make it permanent?

Hi , every now and then when I open a project Cubase can’t find audio file(s). After I have Cubase search and find the file(s), the project works fine. After that I do multiple “Save As” during the course of my work.

The problem arises after I shut down Cubase and the DAW, and open the project the next day. I get the same, “Can’t find file …” messages, so I have to repeat the search again.

First question is: What do I have to do so that once I find the file and bring it into Cubase, it keeps it there after I shut down and reopen the next day?

Second question: If I don’t want Cubase to look for a file that it thinks it needs to (for example if it no longer exists because I renamed it), how do I tell Cubase to not alert me that the file it’s missing?

Thanks for any help!

Cubase expects to find its audio files in the Audio sub-folder of the folder the project was initially created in. So if you go moving files and projects about using the OS it is likely that a project can’t find the audio. Once you’ve had Cubase relocate a file use File/Backup Project to save the entire project to a new folder. Make sure to check the option to move the audio to this new location. FYI, using backup is the correct way way to move a project to another location (instead of in the OS). Also it’s a good idea to create a unique folder for each project.

If you don’t want Cubase to try and locate a file just delete it in the Media Pool, and then empty the trash.

Thanks, raino, will read up on File/Backup Project, wondering whether it copies or destructively moves, etc.

Appreciate the heads up!