When customisables folders for VST3 plugs ?

It’s annoying to not have possibility to put VST3 into the folder of our choice … is there an update planned to permit this in the futur ?

I would like it!

Not necessarily folders but some kind of improved plug in management has been noted by developers.

+1 Yeah please, time again to prod this one!


+1 This is really unsightly. From a developer who claims to want to make the “look” to be better, this is slightly less than optimal.

Bring back the old days where we can just put the dll file wherever it makes sense to us :slight_smile:

I have a few plugin folders there are the usual plugin folders for 64 bit versions and 32 bit versions, then I also have two folders of my own, plus a J bridge folder, then there is the VST3 folder most but not all of these folders are either in steinberg folder or the steinberg 86 folder or my programs folder and some are elsewhere, not quite sure where.
When it comes to VST presets, well they dont show up anywher i know of and all of them seem to have different locations - maybe
Although Steinberg provide the excellent Plugin Information manager thingy, things feel a little out of hand.