When does condensing choose "à2"?

I have a score in which the SA and TB vocal parts are all in unison, but the SA parts are marked “à2” and the TB parts are still separate. Why is this (and more usefully, how do I get them to be treated the same?) For some reason the forum won’t let me link the image directly, but here’s an example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xs619iqwg8erhfi/A2%20Query.jpg.

If I recreate your example I get a consistent result. Please post a project if you want a useful answer.

The project is 3 MB…

I’m off to bed, but stick a cutdown version of the project on Dropbox and put a public link here and I’ll look at it in the morning, assuming someone else hasn’t got there first.

This sort of notation problem can also be addressed if you (not only cut it down but also) set the playback template to Silence, which reduces project size substantially.

Ok, here’s an extract that shows the issue. It changed as I deleted things, but here’s a bit where the SA are separate voices and TB are a2 - with a little bit of what follows for context. https://www.dropbox.com/s/msujnk69yh4dpov/Condensing%20problem%20a2.dorico?dl=0

I can’t quickly identify what the difference is between the Sopranos and Altos, but there is a difference in that first four bars. Try deleting the first four bars of the Alto stave, then copy and paste (or duplicate to stave below) the Soprano stave, and you should find they condense like the Tenors and Basses…

The difference is the syllable “son”. In the Soprano, the syllable type is “whole word”. In the Alto (and also T and B), it is “end” which seems correct.

Condensing is picky about such things! To be honest I can’t see why you don’t have some incorrect hyphens before or after “son” in the S, but fixing the syllable type solves the condensing problem.

IIRC there have been some issues like this reported when importing lyrics from MusicXML files, so that might be a guess how it got the way it is.

This is also a very good example of Daniel’s often repeated statement: you can’t solve problems like this only by looking at screen shots, you need the project file!