When focused, system audio jumps to 100% (MacBook Pro, macOS 12.6, M1)

Hi! After setting up Cubase 12 Pro and assigning my “external” loudspeakers – they are connected via on the headphone input (cheap desktop boxes) – I finally get a sound. But what me makes wonder is, why the system audio always ups to 100%, when I focus the Cubase insterface?

In settings, the “Release ASIO when inactive” (?, from memory) is activated – do I have to fine-tune something there?

Ah - of course, after posting I find my error. Need to deactivate “Set device attenuation to 0”. Right? Or does this have any other impacts?

Just as a hint: You are here in the German-speaking area of the forum. You should better ask your question in the English-speaking area. :wink:

What ASIO driver are you using? Do you use the Control Room?

If you activate this function, Cubase will release your ASIO hardware as soon as it doesn’t need it anymore. It depends on the individual case whether you let Cubase release the driver or not.

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