When I double click on a MIDI note...what is that box?

Lol 8yr Cubase user, and Ive seen this box before but never use it.

Basically, Im tired of trying to adjust the velocity of a MIDI note using the “Bars” at the bottom, esp when notes are stacked…ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE!!

So I was hoping that by double clicking on a MIDI note, that box would give me some control over velocity or some other parameters :mrgreen:

If I could just get the name or some basic info on it, I will just go look it up.


That “box” is the Note Expression editor (better read up on that in the manual, eh? :wink: )

Press Ctrl+Shift and drag up or down on the note with the speaker cursor to change the velocity.


I will go read up on it…I knew it had a name, just didn’t want to flip thru the manual during a session looking up “MIDI box” LOL.

Thanks again! :mrgreen:

You can also select the note(s) you want to change and drag the velocity value in the status line up or down. Hovering over the velocity number and rolling the scroll wheel on the mouse or typing in a number will also change it.

Finally if you select several notes, then the velocity controller lane at the bottom (where the bars are) will have the same set of controls that the note expression editor has. These allow you to do things like scale the values up and down, tilt the values, and several other useful things (check the manual for more info). Tilting is great for creating crescendos. I also built a logical preset that randomly changes the velocity between -4 and +4. Processing with the preset once or twice and tilting produces very musical results. It’s worth taking some time to play with these controls as they make it much easier to edit velocity and other controller data in complex ways.

CTRL + Shift works great…THANKS!

Im wrapping my head around this MIDI expression thing. I never used it before lol, but I like it.

One quick question, are older non-VST3 instruments going to even work with Note Expression? A project I’m working on now has lots of instances of NI’s Kompakt, the original scaled down version of Kontakt.

I dont seem to be able to adjust a lot of parameters though, and am not sure if it’s bcz it’s older, or bcz I still dont know what Im doing yet LOL :blush: