When I Rename Project in New Cubasis - Inter App problem

After I select the project I’m currently working on to rename it, I rename it. Then when it returnsto the project screen, the InterApp program (in this case Nanologue) no longer responds to my MIDI controller, nor does the pre-recorded MIDI track, linked via Inter App, to Nanologue play back, while other MIDI tracks DO play back.

Also, I found other odd “Inter App” behavior after having renamed the project. I added another Instrument App using “Inter App” and it DOES respond to my MIDI controller; however, even though I have MIDI set to only trigger the armed track, the newly added “InterApp” instrument plays regardless of which MIDI or Inter App track is armed or selected, while, as I said, the “InterApp” instrument that was set up and recorded BEFORE I changed the project name remains unresponsive both to my MIDI controller and to the MIDI track that was recorded on it.

Anyone experience this? Anyone have any advice or thoughts on it?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.