When i run Cubase,system volume jump to max(windows10 1903)

Hello,When I run Cubase, the sound of the entire windows system will become full and deafening. I searched for related problems on Goole and there seems to be only one solution:

On DEVICE —> Device Setup —> “your sound card/interface name” —> Control Panel—>“Set Device Attenuation To 0 db”

But there seems to be no**“Set Device Attenuation To 0 db” option** in the latest windows version of Cubase10.5. Is there a solution, or I can only change the mac to make my Cubase work normally.

Sound Device:Steinberg UR242
cubase version:10.5
Windows 1903
speaker:genelec 8010

I really hope someone can answer me, this question has been bothering me for too long!!!


The Control Panel is hardware specific. So if your Audio Device driver doesn’t allow it, there is no solution.

Well,thank you Martin
My current solution is to use other daw, and only Cubase has this situation on my computer.