When I want to close a project, Cubase 10.06 shuts down completely

Sometimes I want to close a project and start a new one.
But when I click “Close” on the current project, Cubase shuts down completely and I have to restart the program from the beginning.

I have tried to keep the old project open and open a new project but Cubase crashed everytime I tried to do this.

Any advice how to stop this?

I had a similar problem where Cubase just hung on closing or saving a project. I am on Mac but fixed it by ensuring that the project save location was its default setting which on a Mac goes to a series of sequential folders called ‘Untitled x’ where x is a number generated by Cubase. So your first save of your first project goes in Untitled 1 and your tenth project goes in Untitled 10. Each different named project therefore has its own folder.

It was a while ago so I may be wrong, happy to take anyone’s comments if I am wrong.

Well I have the same folder system but it still doesn’t work.

In the File menu there is “Close” and there is “Quit”. But for both it means quit unfortunately.

Has nobody an answer to this?

Well, it means that Cubase are crashing when you close the project.