when i'm listening the signal of the recording is only noise


I’m recording with cubase LE 4 with my lexicon lambda

and when i’m listening the signal of the record is

only noise. Try using the lexicon with nuendo in the

same computer and other computers and the record have

the same error, only noise. With Cool Edit and Windows

Sound recording the recording is very good. The

problem is with Cubase and Nuendo. Please, help me

with information to config this. Try changing the

settings but have not had success.

My english is very bad, sorry.


Devices-Device Setup, select the ASIO driver for the lamda. Devices-VST Connections, set up the correct input and output busses. Select the input bus on the audio track.

Hi, thanks for the help, I try to do as you indicated it does not work, the board records and plays the recording ok with headphones plugged into the monitoring of it, but when I export from cubase hear the signal as noise. I attached some screenshots of the configuration.

Why are you using VST System Link?

Are you sure you set the Locators correctly when exporting? What format are you exporting to?

No, I do not actually use, the VTS was off, at some point it opens enabled to prove, and the Locators are well placed, one at each end of a recording and then export the audio mix. I’ve recorded before and not had problems in exporting.

Make sure the locators aren’t backwards.