When is Dorico planning on introducing an alternative to rewire/MTC sync?


I know this has been requested in the forums before, but I wanted to let you (the developers) know how important the rewire/sync functionality is to me, and many other composers/arrangers I know.

I started using Dorico 4-5 months ago, and I love and enjoy it so much - it’s truly a wonderful software in so many ways! The main reason I waited for so long before trying it was that I knew that it did not support Rewire, which is an important part of my workflow, especially when I arrange pop music.

Due to all of the amazing functions Dorico has to offer, I decided to try it non the less. I used Dorico for all my projects for 3 months, but after a while I found it to be too time consuming and impractical to work without Rewire, so now I am back to Sibelius. I know a number of other people who are also waiting for the rewire alternative before switching. I have also seen the post about the TXL Timecode plugin, but if that is the alternative, I’ll use Pro tools/Sibelius instead for now.

I do know that the Rewire protocol is discontinued by Propellerhead, so my question is this: Can you say anything about when your rewire alternative will be here? I do know it’s impossible to say precisely, but is it on the lower end of your list of priorities, or is it on the upper end? Sorry for being impatient, but this is really the only thing stopping me from making the switch to Dorico permanently. As I said, I find Dorico to be an excellent software, and I truly appreciate the work you are doing!

Aleksander Waaktaar

Welcome to the forum, Aleksander. We do hope to implement MTC sync in the relatively near future, but it requires work both on the Dorico side and from our colleagues who develop the audio engine, so it needs careful coordination. But it is definitely something we plan to do, and beyond that we will also be examining other means of synchronizing and passing data between Dorico and other hosts, in particular Cubase, of course.

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Thank you for the reply, Daniel! I am pleased to hear that. Looking so much forward to it being implemented (also the other means of synchronization of which you speak), hopefully with Logic/Pro Tools-integration, but if not, I’ll have to test out Cubase, I guess! Good luck with the work and process!

I certainly understand how critical this feature is, as I too am waiting for sync functionality before moving to Dorico (despite how fantastic the program is already). I have used rewire to sync DP and Sibelius for many years now, and it has become indispensable for reviewing DAW mockups alongside orchestrated scores—especially when prepping for the studio. Having those two timelines in sync has been the single biggest enhancement to my workflow in the last decade. The efficiency boost is pretty staggering.

It is a relief to know MTC is in the Dorico pipeline, and that news doesn’t come a moment too soon now that Cubase and DP have officially dropped rewire support. That said, I realize quality takes time, and I look forward to seeing what the team has in store once ready.

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