When is fix driver comes up for ur22 mk2?

on new drivers everything works as it supposed to work,but then after a while a higly pitch distorstion comes in,i tried use drivers that comes in cd,but,that driver dont work that well,it has problems when switching from 44,1 to other settings,and somethimes sound not playn,but it solves that distorted sound,so yea,its not a fix,
I bought this interface just cause it wrote steinberg,which sounded like it is supported for their cubase,and no issues at all,guess i was wrong,you have 20 days to release fix,or i will return it and buy something else,FIX THIS! :angry:

I would like to add, that using 1.9.4 in Windows 10 64 bit, when I change resolution to other than 44.1 in Yamaha Control Panel, for example to 48 kHz, I cannot playback any sounds, from any Windows sources: Google Chrome, Foobar2000 (even 48kHz files) etc.
Also I figured out that in Audacity, when I record using WASAPI mode and set something higher than 44.1 I get a hiccup/cutout in first 2-3 seconds during recording, only at the beginning.
But using DirectSound mode no hiccup during recording on samplerate higher than 44.1.

Solved,new driver fixed the problem,