When is the next maintenance update?

Given that the VCAs ARE SEVERELY BREAKING AUTOMATION, when is the next update THAT FIXES IT???

We’ve waited patiently for three months for the very first update, only to have VCAs still break functionality. It would be absolutely unacceptable to have to wait much longer for it to work properly.

And still zero communication on the issue. ZERO.


It would be nice to hear from Steinberg on this. I won’t be upgrading until it is clear that VCAs are functioning.


Avid must be having a big laugh about this - the idea of Steinberg saying they have a VCA feature to compete with Protools that, in reality, appears to be only half developed, and they get Cubendo users to pay for it!

I wonder how the cross-grade offer is going.

Am I right in thinking that the VCA features in Cubase and Nuendo actually work differently? - what’s the sense in that?

It sort of makes sense, but only depending on how you look at it.

In PT you’d set up a group, and that group would be controlled by a VCA. Since PT’s grouping system is way ahead of Steinberg’s poor “link” implementation you can actually nest groups in PT. So we can have a large group called “Rhythmic” which contains sub-groups “Drums” and “Percussion”. Then we can assign VCAs to all three. Or, we could nest the VCAs of course. So there’s a large flexibility there.

With Cubase’s approach you’re sort of stuck with controlling a link group (if I remember correctly). And since they can’t nest you’re out of luck. So hypothetically, by disconnecting VCAs from link groups we should at some point in the future hopefully be able to nest VCAs easily regardless of what the link groups are doing. But as far as I can recall right now we still can’t.

Both VCAs and link groups are just sorely underdeveloped in a professional post production app in my opinion, and that’s disregarding the bugs that make VCAs just not worth risking work with.

03/23/2015 - Pro Tools v12.0 released.
11/06/2015 - Pro Tools v12.3 released.

Since original release there has been FIVE updates!

Cubase v 8.0 got four.
Nuendo v7.0 has one.

How is our flagship post-production app doing?

You can nest VCAs in Cubase.

The trick is you have to nest the Sub VCA not the actual channels.

So “Drums” VCA and “Percussion” VCA are controlled by the “Rhythmic” VCA which can also control additional channels.

As a result, you cannot remove a single “percussion” channel from the larger “Rhythmic” VCA while leaving it in the “Percussion” group.
I see this as a minor limitation.

OT, I know. But I hope that clarifies things.

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But can you do that while retaining grouping as you see fit? I don’t think you can.

In Pro Tools the “regular” grouping behavior is suspended as soon as it become controlled by a VCA, and that’s the key difference. I could for example have three groups and three VCAs in PT:

Drums - group
Perc - group
Drums + Perc - group

Drums - VCA
Perc - VCA
Drums + Perc - VCA

I could further nest the percussion with the rest of an orchestra if the setup was band and orchestra. So in addition to the above;

Orchestra - group
Orchestra - VCA

with the “Orchestra” containing “percussion”. I would have complete control over all aspects. If I wanted the orchestra louder I could pull up the VCA or the group. Perhaps I’d rather not use the group because it already contained automation and I prefer VCAs for that type of trimming, but I’d still want the larger group in case I wanted to cut/past in editing. So I’d just deactivate my Drums/Perc group and do the editing with Orch still active. Or vice versa.

In Nuendo, as far as I can see (and Cubase), that’s not possible. We end up in a corner faster than we can say “update please”.

I’m not sure that the next Nuendo update is anything to look forward to judging by the response on the Cubase forum to the latest Cubase update (8.5).

As usual, it contains a bunch of new things that most of us would find superfluous, and seemingly few, or possibly no bug fixes.

The Version History file contains absolutely no bug fixes - just ongoing ‘issues’.

I don’t get the impression that they have even looked at VCAs again.

I hope I’m wrong.