When is the next Update coming to v10?

I am deeply saddened by the fact that I can not open the old v9.5 projects into v10. I assume that it is a serious bug.

Anyways, anyone please knows when a workable update drops to v10?

I can and you should be able to as well.

Sorry to say that I can as well including projects from older versions than 9.

I have opened a couple C 8.5 projects with no problem at all.

I opened a couple of my old C.9.5 projects with no probs too

I know I should be able. This never happened to me before after upgrading. May be something is wrong in my system. Thank you.

Thank you. No problem. May be it is something in my computer. Someone somewhere may have written that it could be few plugins like autotune or something else. I will check soon. I will post accordingly if I find something interesting regarding this.

Noted with thanks.

Noted with regards.

I suggest you do a complete re-install. It’s a pain and took me almost 6 hours, but I had to do it since I had lots of issues with C10.

You shouldn’t need to do a complete reinstall. What I suggested elsewhere is open a blank project in C10, then import sections of one of your problem projects. When and if it crashes, that tells you where the problem lies - just narrow it down until you have it. In my case, all the tracks loaded ok, which told me the problem lay in the FX or Group sections which can’t be imported - I jotted down the dozen or so plugins I was using there and then tried them one at a time until I found my rogue one - Kush’s Clariphonic. I then discovered I was on an old build of that, updated it to the latest version and now C10 is opening every project fine.

Good luck!

There are several threads on this. From what I have seen, they are all explained by certain plug-ins that don’t play well under V10.

Of course, Cubase should not crash because it can’t load a VST properly.

Considering the project just shipped this week, I doubt we will see the first patch level for at least 30 days. I will probably wait to upgrade until that first patch cycle is out.

Thank you.

Apparently, the removal of Auto tune did the trick for me.

But, thank you.

I think I found my one. So far, it was Auto tune.

Excellent! Curious to know if updating Auto tune has worked for you, or if it has to stay out completely?

I am glad you got problem solved that easily :slight_smile:

Great to hear you have started to solve the problem

Another approach, maybe with less amount of work…

Download visual studio community edition by which you can load the dump file created at the crash.
Opening the dump file right there in the first screen it will list you all the modules (DLL-s) are playing a role in the session.
Look for Vst plugins by directory. Probably it will be not too many. Make a list of them in notepad.

Now we need to move out those third party Vst plugins from the VST path by simply moving the files in another directory.
If we remove all third party vst plugins, then start Cubase and load the project. It will be marked all the places where are missing the plugins, but loads the project.
Of course we would like to categorize somehow, by plugin manufacturers, etc… to move it back. By subsetting intelligently, we can reduce the number of trials. The aim is to find out the minimum amount of moved out plugins, so that the rest does not affect the project loading, but with any of the moved out fails to load. Then you have the set of Vst plugins which cannot be run right now.
Loading now the project in Cubase we decide if we would like to JBridge the plugins or just localize it as it shows you because does not exists anymore. Eventually, you can replace those with other plugins.