When is Wavelab 10.0.6 coming?

On Windows 10 Professional current build it is neither good nor bad (ITB) … no appreciable difference. Just as stable.

with pro 10.0.60 update, i can no longer burn cds…
in the device pull down, i get only DDP image, no more choice for my bluray burner!

after uninstalling wavelab and reinstalling 10.0.40, i get the choice once again.
i’m i the only one with that problem?

win 10 pro 1909 ( build 18363.1379)

I think that if you reinstall 10.0.60, it should work also. Your procedure has reinstalled the CD driver. And this one has not changed for years.

bonjour philippe,

unfortunately, it’s not the case, i tried a few times…

Hmm, I have no clue right now.

neither do i,
thanks for your thoughts!

What is the OSX requirement for this update? If I look at the system requirements for Wavelab 10 Elements it says a m inimum of Mojave and I’m still on High Sierra.

Even when High Sierra was listed as supported, there were some graphical issues. I can’t confirm but I am willing to bet that it still works on High Sierra but you’ll have some plugin graphics issues among other things. I really loved Mojave.

yesterday, i tried 10.070 and still got the same problem.

reverted to 10.0.40 fixed it.

i would like to try 10.0.50, just for kicks, but unable to find it!!!

this is nonsensical not to make available updates except the latest one…



hi timo,

thank you very much!!!

i tried it, and same problem: killing cd/dvd writer!
seems to be a driver issue.

so for me, back to 10.040
but the tech support guy at “yamaha” told me i was NOT the only one with the same complain…

Haven’t done the update yet. Even so I’ve had no graphical issues with High Sierra.