When is Wavelab 10.0.6 coming?

Just wondering since PG has mentioned it a few times recently.

January or February.

Why .? So we can hope it works.? Sorry but my wavelab is the worst steinberg product that I own and have been a user since first version
I just can’t believe all the issues with it!
Just Frustrated!

That’s not good. I hope telling us here helps.

If you tell us what you are talking about, maybe someone can help.

thank you for Responding maybe you can help ! using the isert tab in the montage crashes wavelab when trying to import a file from the browser
every time i tried drag and drop and it doesnt work

OK, first of all - I cannot replicate your issue, it works OK here.

So if you can tell us what WL version you use (also whether Elements or Pro), what OS you are on and the process you use, maybe the issue can be worked on.

thanks for responding im using wavelab pro the latest updated version . the issue seems to be related to this program only as i can use the file browser on any of my other programs i use . im using nuendo11 . cubase 11 my computer is a i7 with 32 gb ram.

Like Arjan_P I have been unable to replicate this … in fact I just used drag and drop to assemble a CD in a montage.

Can you drag and drop into the edit window? Or is it just the montage …


Please make a step by step to follow what’s going on
when it’s not working… to be able to help

regards S-EH

and ideally on a new thread :smiley:

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Somehow this thread got hijacked can we get it back to finding out when the new update is due?? Thanks!

I want 10.5 (yes I’m impatient :sweat_smile:)

10.6 … Sooooooooooooon…


As said above … create a new thread/topic for this please

So it’s February…Sometime this month?

Check here WaveLab 10.0.60 is out now :slight_smile:


regards S-EH

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Thanks! for the information

Thanks for the information!

i’m surprised there is no seperate release thread for 10.0.60??

Any reactions, good or bad?